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    Orting, WA | Pierce County


    September 10, 2013

    Orting HS has a very "small" atmosphere yet big ideas that are accomplished with goals set at the beginning of each school year. The students are all in all friendly and up beat. I enjoy the staff very much.

    Submitted by a parent

    November 7, 2009

    it's a good school with great teachers and staff

    Submitted by a parent

    January 25, 2009

    My son has been at OHS for two years now. He has some 'issues' that are taken very seriously by all staff. The Director of Special Needs Children is phenomenal! My son's grades have gone from failing almost all classes to a 3.6! What does that tell you that are considering having your children attend OHS. OHS has the best staff and communication of ANY school I have attended or had any of my five children attend. GREAT SCHOOL!

    Submitted by a parent

    April 29, 2008

    I have 2 children in OHS. I like the school. I really like the staff. I know there are things that can be improved upon as with any school. I am also tired of parents complain because they don't know what's going on with their child. They have family access here. I can for check grades and missing work online. Any time I have contacted a teacher (by phone or email), they are more than willing to work with me to help my children get better. Parents are just as important in their childrens education as the schools.

    Submitted by a parent

    April 3, 2008

    This school has gotten really bad over the past couple of years. There is no discipline and no leadership. The school is so overcrowded.

    Submitted by a student

    January 7, 2007

    Totally disgusted with the school. We have lost a lot of good teachers and the new administration is lousy. In comparing other schools, Orting schools are way behind. If your child is in sports he/she should do well, if not, expect problems. Special Education department is terribly inept. Great after school activities for younger kids, not much for teenagers. Great parent involvement for Junior/Seniors and sporting events. I encourage you to evaluate the type of education you want for your child before making this decision.

    Submitted by a parent

    May 14, 2006

    In the process of significant staff turn-over. Losing best teachers. Sad.

    Submitted by a parent

    January 14, 2006

    All four of my children are recently enrolled in the orting school district and I have some concerns. The schools are great when it comes to sports and giving the kids extra things to do after school. The teachers need to work on keeping the parents up to date on what the students are doing. The students seem to be running the school more than the staff are and I think that has something to do with why the district is running so far behind. If you rate where our students are in comparison to other schools and how the students are doing Orting district is way behind. That is the main concern.

    Submitted by a parent

    November 29, 2005

    The quality of programs is decent, not the best but it is good. The availability of extracurricular activities is outstanding. They offer great sports programs where the kids can excel and show their talents. The level of parent involvement is okay. Not many parents of the underclassmen in the school care much. But parents of Senior class students have excellent participation. Discipline at Orting is kind of slack, they allow the students to basically run the school themselves, which in my opinion is kind of upsetting. Overall it is a great school and I am glad that my son is there.

    Submitted by a parent

    September 11, 2005

    What a great place to be!

    Submitted by a parent

    December 3, 2004

    I dont think the teachers care about the quality of education. They just want the kids to attend school so they get paid.

    Submitted by a parent

    February 26, 2004

    The Orting High School staff don't have good communication skills when it comes to the parents. At times I've had to call or ask at conferances questions regarding my child only to have them 'check on it' and not call back. It's very frustrating.

    Submitted by a parent

    November 6, 2003

    Orting has a unique sense of community that is very evident in the school system.

    Submitted by a parent

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